About Simple Moving Filings

We help you have one less problem after your move

We are here to help you start your life after the move by not having to worry about your mail

 Why Simple Moving Filings Was Started

Moving is very stressful and can take a lot of time and resources from almost everyone who moves. We started this services after moving then as time passes you forget to update all of your services that you have move. After 12 month you may or may not notice that you just stop receiveing some mail. If this mail happens to be important then you could be in trouble. 

The general assumption is once you change your address with the post office you are done. That unfortunately is not the case and we found that out the hard way. Multiple bills that were coming in the mail were just stopped and just because you don’t receive the bill in the mail does not mean you can skip paying it. After almost having the bill turned over to collection we knew there had to be a better way to make sure your address is updated with all of your companies. 

Coming from a technology background this seemed like a good fit to try and solve this problem. That is why this service was created.