Simple Moving Filings

You chance your address one time with us and we notify all of your services.
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Did you know the USPS only forwards your mail for 12 months? After that your mail goes to your old address. We help notify all of your companies that you have moved.

We help people to get all of their mail to their new location.

Don’t Forget

Remembering all of your companies.

We help you by providing a list of common services most people use to you can have them notified you have moved.

Easy Online Service

Only make one change

We have an easy online form so you only change your address one time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why change my address with you?

The average person has over 7 services they need to update their address with after they move. If these are not updated then after 12 months the USPS will stop forwarding their mail and it will be returned to the sender.

We have one simple form and then we will notify ALL of your companies that you have moved so you can make sure your mail keep going to the correct address.


How DO I make sure all my services are updated

You can reach out to each one individually which is very time consuming or you can use this service and we can notify all of the services for you. We do charge a small fee for this service but for the time and frustration it saves you it’s well worth it. 

How long will it take to take effect

The mail forwarding will take effect within a day or two with the USPS but with your other services it depending on how quickly they will update their system based on the information we give them with your new address.

What do you actually do to help me?

Save you hours and hours of time by notifying all of your companies you have moved and also make sure we have a list of all your services you can make them complete after you can confirm the address has been updated.


Do I need to update all of my companies?

Yes, unless you don’t want to get important mail after 12 months.